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An initial consultation between an attorney and a prospective client serves two purposes: (1) it allows an exploration of the prospective client's legal situation so as to determine whether or not it would be prudent for the prospective client to obtain legal representation; and (2) to explore the possibility of forming an attorney-client relationship between the attorney and the prospective client.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, so as to avoid any possible misunderstanding, that an initial consultation between the attorney and the prospective client does not form an attorney-client relationship between the attorney and the prospective client. An attorney-client relationship between the attorney and the prospective client is not formed until the attorney and the prospective client enter into a legally binding, written fee arrangement agreement.

Because legal situations are complex, it is very rarely possible for an attorney to be fully aware of all aspects of a prospective client's legal situation based on the information available at an initial consultation. Thus, of necessity, any legal opinions expressed by an attorney during an initial consultation must be extremely tentative and subject both to error and to constant revision; and reformulation of legal strategy later as more information becomes available to, and known by, the attorney; and as the prospective client's legal situation changes.

The law is complex and legal situations are constantly changing as a case evolves. As a result, even attorneys—who are trained in the shifting complexities of law—must stay on their toes in order to adjust to changes in their clients' cases. Despite this, it is not uncommon for prospective clients to consult with an attorney in an attempt to sound out the attorney, and thereby obtaining a small measure of legal guidance, without any sincere desire or intention of retaining the attorney's services. Often, these prospective clients thereafter attempt to use the information obtained from an initial interview in an effort to represent themselves. This is highly inadvisable.

These prospective clients often meet with failure in their efforts and then wrongly seek to blame the attorney, rather than acknowledge that their failure was due to their own mistakes arising out of their lack of sufficient knowledge and training necessary to handle their legal case appropriately. Thus, notice is given that prospective clients who do not retain the services of this office, represent themselves at their own risk. This office assumes no responsibility or liability for the outcome of any self-representation effort following an initial consultation.

Prospective clients are strongly urged to seek out professional assistance or counsel rather than attempt to represent themselves.